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Ever Wondered Why You “CAN’T GET PREGNANT” After You Have Done “Everything” Your Gyne or So – Called Fertility Experts Told You to Do?


The reason is quite simple...

They Are Not Giving Attention to Your STRESS LIFE!

What the American Medical Industry are saying...



You see, the reason why you keep failing to get pregnant is because doctors keep focusing on your body alone and giving you drugs that treats ordinary symptoms without combating the hidden issue!

Meanwhile You are sad, devastated and in pains which has made your Cortisol Stress Hormones to shoot up and become Super High!

And so you have been spending thousands and millions on fertility treatmenst taking Clomid, Bromergon, Parlodel and doing IVF all to make you get pregnant which have all repeatedly failed because your body system is NOT getting what it really wants for your raging fertility hormones to calm down and help you get pregnant!

Do you think stress has no effect on your fertility?

Make no mistakes about it… IT DOES, that’s just the PLAIN truth!

You maybe asking, what is CORTISOL…

Cortisol is simply a stress hormone in your body that makes your body system to be sensitive to dangerous circumstances happening inside or outside your body.

Meaning... if for example, you keep trying and failing to conceive, your cortisol stress will shoot up and eventually STOP YOU from getting pregnant.


Latest Research from Emory University Medical School (USA) Gynaecology department…


The truth is...

If you don’t Reset your fertility hormones by lowering and normalizing your cortisol stress level in your body system, you might continue to struggle to get pregnant because your CORTISOL hormones will still be super high and the worst part is that NO LAB test in the world can detect stress… especially if you are still trying to get pregnant.


How Can You De-Stress Your Body System? 

There are several ways to De-Stress your body but many of them are quite not impressive as using a "herbal tea to De-stress your body system.


This Was Exactly What I Did When I Got the Conception Blossom Tea...

The CONCEPTION TEA is very powerful and effective, but it you want a full package that will make you to be totally free from Stress and irregular menstrual cycles without having any issues at all then you need the Conception Herbal Tea to De-Stress your body from High Cortisol.

Conception "DE-STRESSING" Tea is an extremely effective herbal tea that helps De-stress your body system from all the Excess Cortisol hormones that your body has been making for years!

The Conception Tea is made from pure chamomile, spear mint, lotus flower etc. for regulating your period, cleansing the reproductive system and drastically reducing your stress level to supercharge your fertility for easy and fast conception.

All of them blended together into a unique herbal tea so that you can easily and comfortably enjoy sipping it just like lipton tea while they actively get rid of excess cortisol stress hormones and chemical toxins!

As a result it...


"It Automatically Resets Your Fertility Hormones And Flushes Out Excess Cortisol Toxins In Your Body System So That Your Fertility Hormones Can Be Supercharged To Help You Get Pregnant!



Here's a list of what it does for your body...

 It boosts ovulation and regular menstrual cycle
It flushes excess stress cortisol in your body stopping you from conceiving
It helps you to burn-off excess fats affecting conception
It support and tones up your fallopian tubes
It automatically soothes your nerves and calms you from stress
It helps to maintain and ensure adequate blood flow to ovaries

Isn't This Amazing?

The best part is the fact amazing herbal tea have successfully gone through various clinical tests and passed!


Taste and See...


When You Use the Bundle of Joy Kit it will boost your fertility and egg health like that of a 20-year young woman, BUT when you use it along the conception tea, your ENTIRE body and reproductive systems will then be supercharged and set for fast and easy conception.

So why not add it to your today so you too can get your entire body systems set for fast conception by dealing with the issues from the root!

Add conception tea to your purchase today!

Original Price: N12,000


Hurry Up & Add The Conception Tea to Your Order Today!




Original Price: N12,000



How Does the Conception Really Tea Work?


When you take this Conception Tea fertility therapy solution here's what it does:

1. First, It cleanses your reproductive and entire nervous system from the excess cortisol stress hormones and BAD drugs have deposited in your body system!

2. It soothes and relaxes your mind due to depression, anxiety and stress that you may have been suffering due to the inability to conceive issue for years.

Thanks to the superb herbal ingredients contained in conception tea, the powerful herbal blends have a tremendous impact on your womb, ovaries, fallopian tubes and fertility hormones…


The Best Part Is…

It does not only calms your body system for conception, it also reduces the excess cortisol stress hormone delaying conception, by helpig to...

  Stabilizes your fertility hormones so you can conceive with ease

 Flushes toxins hiding in your body stem system and reproductive organs

 The Conception herbal tea is JUST so amazing i have to come clean to you

It will not De-stress high cortisol stress hormone overnight!



You heard that right, conception tea is NOT one magic therapy that cures OVERNIGHT like most pharmaceutical drugs will promise.



Rather, this Amazing Herbal Tea Therapy Gradually...

Cleanse toxins from your reproductive system, flush out excess cortisol hormones in nervous system so you will be stress- free and have your fertility hormones fully relaxed for conception!


Since you are already our customer, we will give massive discount on it...


If You Want to totally eliminate stress-induced infertility and boost the fertility hormones in Your Body Finally Then Get the conception De-stressing Tea alongside your Bundle of Joy Kit Now!

At the moment, this tea is actually SOLD OUT but i told my staff to reserve 17 packs for my special customers but you have to hurry and fill up the form below because after today, we will be out of stock!

Add conception tea to your purchase...

Hurry Up & Add The Conception Tea to Your Order Today!


Original Price: N12,000


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