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How I Was Able To Get Pregnant Fast Using A Fertility Therapy Kit That Even Doctors Know Nothing About!



Dear Soon To-be Mom,

My Name is Gilbert Nnaji,

I'm a medical doctor, well-known fertility consultant and author who LOVES to help nigerian women who want to conceive & I'm very sure you are here to know how I can be of help to you…

But before I go on to tell you about how I discovered the bundle of Joy kit that is presently performing wonders for my clients I want to ask you some questions….

Have you been trying for a long time and confused why you are not able to get pregnant?

• Are you frustrated or feeling very sad for not being able to conceive despite all your efforts?

Have you SPENT thousands of Naira trying all sorts of fertility products to conceive Yet No Success?

• Do you feel like time is not on your side as a woman, as you keep on seeing your period month after month without conception?

Do people keep teasing you and asking funny questions like when are we going to see JUNIOR?

• Are you under such much stress and pressure that you are afraid you may get kicked out of your home if you don’t conceive any time soon?

Does your mother in-law keep reminding you that she’s impatiently waiting to hear the cry of a baby in her son’s house and come for “OMUGWO.”

• Do you feel some new symptoms and wonder if you are finally pregnant, but then you start noticing cramps and your period comes again and you are left heartbroken with no sign of pregnancy!

If your answer is a resounding YES, then this is BEST thing you will ever read today!

“Why Did I Say So?”

I said so because, you are about to discover how I stumbled upon a very powerful fertility kit that HELPS women get pregnant so fast, they thought It was Jazz or something.

Before I go on, allow me to introduce myself….


“Why Should You Listen to Me?

As a medical pratitioner and certified fertility therapist (UK); over the past 7 years I helped tons of women in Nigeria like you and broad to crush their infertility problems and to conceive easily.

 "Here Are My Medical Certificates To Prove I'm a REAL Medical Doctor & Not Quack"


 This is My Practicing License



Here is My Certificate of ADVANCED Training On Fertility I Went For In London


I'm also a well known health blogger & writer...

"One of my publications Featured On LEADERSHIP.NG newspaper...

As if that's Not enough, I have helped  a lot of women restore their hope on bearing children, in fact many of these women I have helped, I have never met before in my life entire, but I have made them happy with my medical skills.


Just about two months ago our newly launched Bundle of Joy Pack helped 11 women with difficult infertility problems to conceive fast…

Isn’t this amazing?


"But This Special Message is NOT ABout Me But, About YOU!" 

Allow me to are VERY LUCKY to be here!

Yes..You are VERY LUCKY!

Why Did I Say So?


You see, it's a well known fact that so many well to do Nigerian women find it hard to get pregnant. To make it worse, many of them don't know that there are "Legitimate ShortCuts" to getting pregnant so they waste years and years of their time doing it the HARD way such as, going for I.V.F, seeking for Egg and Sperm Donor (Which is More Like Fostering another persons child) and all sort of funny, unhealthy and bizzarre child-bearing methods!


But Unlike them, you are about to discover a new and very powerful fertility therapy that doctors and Gynaenacologists don't even know about! To help you become pregnant Fast.


"How Is That Possible?"


There is a combination of Miracle Working "Packages" that SPEED up your chances of getting pregnant that I Discovered in late 2016 that have been working like magic.


But trust me, as a strict medical doctor, I initially never believed in the "alternative" way of getting pregnant, as we doctors are very biased towards natural medicine, not until an Indian Friend/Consultant of mine who is an Expatriate in a top private hospital revealed this secret "Bundle of Joy"  formula and i tried it on my clients successfully!



“The New Bundle Of Joy 3-Combo Pack!”


What's The 3-Combo Bundle of Joy Kit About

The Bundle of Joy pack is made up of a natural wellness herbal supplements that helps cure various kinds of fertility issues such as lack of ovulation, hormonal imbalance, high prolactin, recurrent miscarriage, irregular menstrual cycle; low libido, poor egg health and helps those who are trying to conceive get pregnant fast and naturally.

The BUNDLE Of JOY 3-Combo package is very effective based on the fact that over 6,952 Nigerian women have confirmed how effective it is because…

... Its carefully made with 100% Pure herbs, EXTRACTED worldwide, from different cultures JUST to create a very effective Fertility Solution that works which contains the following unique compounds and natural ingredients...

• Milk Thistle seed extract

• Dandelion root powder
• L-Arginine extract

For the past 6 years this Revolutionary natural therapy packs was developed by professors and scientists from the United states of America which has now been used successfully by thousands of women all the world and now in Nigerian to achieve mind-blowing results in the fertility industry.

Here’s what they do...

1. The Toxi-Flush Pack:

To detoxify your body system and remove chemical toxins affecting conception So You Can Rapidly Get The Fruit of Motherhood!

To cleanse and purify your reproductive system for your conception

To remove fertility harming toxins in the womb causing early miscarriage

To help prepare your body for conception and IVF success

2. L-Arginine capsule "The Miracle Molecule":

To extend and boost fertility in women over 40 years

To build endometrium (womb) layer in women and also prevent miscarriages

To boost fertility in women trying to conceive fast

To increase blood flow to the womb, ovaries and reproductive organs

To enhance sexual performance and boost libido

To boost ovulation and improve cervical mucus discharge

To promote a healthy environment for implantation of baby in the womb

 - Over 33% of infertile women conceived after taking it (case study)

2. Maca herbal capsule:

To boost egg quality in women over 40 years to conceive fast

To correct hormonal imbalance oncee and for all due

To reduce high prolactin and stop breast milk discharge permanently

To boost your fertility hormones and make conception easier

To enhance sexual performance and duration of performance

To boost and improve sperm count and motility

To boost ovulation and improve cervical mucus discharge


The Bundle of Joy 3-Combo package is CROWNED the Best Choice and Solution for Women trying to Conceive

Best Choice for Female Fertility Health!

So many SMART Nigerian Women Are Already using this foreign and NAFDAC approved female fertility capsule designed to correct hormonal imbalance, menstrual disorder, lack ovulation, prevent early miscarriage and the results they’re getting are Amazing!

Amazing Testimonies of Our Clients...

Below Listed are some emotional testimonials I have been getting from very happy clients...these are what keeps me's not all about the money..










It seems too simple to be true right?

That’s why unimaginable testimonies have been pouring in since I started helping ladies with this AWESOME product.

And they never stop sending us their testimonies


Nothing gives me Joy than this!

I will leave you to decide if it would work for you or not…













Wouldn’t you like to be among the set of NEXT testifiers?

One of our testifiers sent this picture of herself and her bouncing baby boy after a year and 7 months she bought the Bundle of Joy 3-Combo package

Don’t wait too long my dear friend.



Corper Doctor (my colleague) in 2018...




These are TRUE and REAL testimonials people who have been in your position but are now successfully out of it.

Today is your day of finally seeing a permanent solution to your infertility woes.

But all you need do now is quickly place an order for your own Bundle of Joy 3-Combo Package right away.

“This Product is NAFDAC Approved and also has other international APPROVAL by FDA, HALAL so you can use it without fear.

But the question is….

Will You Be Among Them?

That depends on You as we will ONLY pick very serious women who are ready to get it.


How Can You Get this Wonderful Therapy?

Normally just 1 pack out of the overall wonderful 3-Combo Pack cost N20,000 and the cost of shipping it Nationwide is about N5,000… so the normal cost is about =N= 25,000!


But guess what?


“You Won’t Be Spending that Much Today

Like The Way My First Clients Did!”


So how much will it cost you to get the Bundle of Joy 3-Combo package today?

Before I tell you how much it will cost you to get it let me tell you the AMAZING bonuses you’ll automatically get TODAY as soon as you get this life changing therapy.

FREE GIFT #1: I Will Use My Own Money To Ship ONE 3-Combo pack of the Bundle of Joy Package Kit To You For FREE (Value: =N= 65,000)

You see, this is a “Risky Business” but we are taking that risk for your own fertility health and let you see the power of the Bundle of Joy package. That’s why i have decided to waybill you the full Bundle of Joy package with my own personal =N= 5,000!

Meaning You’ll Only pay when you receive your full package!


We are risking waybilling goods worth N65,000 PLUS Shipping Free worth N5,000 all for YOU!

Total value => N65,000



FREE GIFT#2: You Will Get Free Consultation & Online Preconception Support! (Value: =N=50,000 Value)

While you’re trying The Bundle of Joy pack for 30 days, you can also call our Consultation call hotline for any issue, where you can ask ANY QUESTION on your fertility health and we will waive the consulting fees! 

Value => N50,000



FREE GIFT #3: You Will Free Access To Our " Online Video Training Courses” (Value: =N=70,000)

I will take you by the hands and reveal same methods and babymaking techniques other women have used to SPEED UP their in less than 2-3 months.

By the time you are DONE with this training, you will definitely see great changes in your fertility and your body will be supercharge for conception, this Amazing Bonuses will also INCREASE your chances of getting pregnant by 7X! 

Value => N70,000



FREE GIFT #4: You Will Get Instant "VIP Access" to Our Password-Protected Bundle Of Joy Online Fertility Coaching Program (Value: =N=180,000)

As soon as you place your order and RECEIVE the Bundle of Joy package, you will automatically be enrolled into our Special VIP Online Fertility Coaching Program where I will give you day-to-day fertility-boosting meal plan, smoothies, fertility recipes and list of other foods and drinks to avoid for healthy conception!

Value => N180,000



The Total Value of the Bundle Of Joy Therapy Offer is A Whooping =N=285,000!

The total value of what you will getting when you buy the Bundle of Joy Therapy is a whooping =N=285,000.

So basically you are getting a “treatment” that Normally cost =N=285,000 Almost for FREE!

I Know the Question On Your Mind Now is…



“How Much Will The Bundle of Joy Package

Cost You?”


Normally ONE Bundle of Joy 3-Combo package cost =N=65,000 per kit but D-G Wellness Limited, the marketing company in charge of marketing and distributing is doing massive "48 Hours" bonanza offer if you take action right NOW... without hesitation to get the Bundle of Joy Package.


Hurry Up And Get The Bundle of Joy 3-Combo pack at The Bonanza Price of....



N29,900 ONLY! For ONE 3-Combo pack (option#1)

N55,000 ONLY! For TWO 3-Combo packs and Save N4,800! (option#2)

Hurry Up!

Fill The Order Form Below To Place Your Order RIGHT NOW!

And that’s NOT All…

                                         Do You Still Want to Keep On Waiting?

You see, if you are suffering from delayed conception, lack of ovulation, high prolactin, hormonal imbalance or poor egg health or having recurrent miscarriage, using the highly effect and result-oriented BUNDLE of JOY Pack and in combination with the BONUSES, you are fully covered!




You Are Covered By My No Story, Take It To Bank 60 Days Money Back Guarantee!” 

This means if you use it for the next 60 days and you still do not see IMPROVED results, Just call Us and Let Us know and we will PAY YOU Your Full Money Back without Questioning.


So there you go…


All you need today to take charge of your fertility and conception is JUST a token of N29,900

All you NEED to triple your chances of getting pregnant fast and easily right now is JUST N29,900 ONLY compared to going for IVF which has a very high rate.

“So Hurry Up & Place Your Order Right Now!”

And if you keep on ignoring the danger signs your body has giving you, and you keep on delaying treating yourself and being ECONOMIC by not putting your money to a good use, things will get worse and here is what might happen…

Your situation could Become worse and complicated, You WON'T have any other than option than to go for OPERATION and risk losing YOUR vital organs in the process!

 Your age might come between you and your conception, as every woman’s egg becomes weak with each passing time.

 You’ll Spend that thousands and even Millions of Naira on specialist Consultations and treatments that are not natural to your body, worsening your fertility, talk about Clomid causing hyperovarian stimulation syndrome complication and Parlodel/Bromagon that could also cause early miscarriage complications…

Which are ALL chemical drugs with serious harmful side-effects!


I Dont Even Wish This for My Enemy!


On a final note….

It’s advisable to give it a try instead of just continuing to delay.

“The Bundle of Joy 3-Combo Package is the
BEST Solution for You!”



1.  How effective is the Bundle of Joy 3-Combo Pack?

It's very much effective, when used for the period of 30 days you will start to experience changes in your body, feeling of lightness and sudden boost of energy.
2. Will I have to use it daily?
Though you have to use it daily for the period of 30 days which is why you have to place your order using the form below and get a call from us to help fast track your order and also guide you through the daily use of the supplement delivered to you.
3. Are these products completely safe?
Yes, I believe through natural therapy which has helped countless number of my clients in overcoming their various fertility and health issues with no side effects.
4. How Do I use the Pack delivered to me?
Once your pack is delivered to you from our courier staff and you confirm it, then you let us know by sending a text or whatsapp message to the number below, for your prescription, dosage and guidelines and also get access to our VIP fertility coaching program to begin at once.
5. I Hope the price will not increase soon?
Well, we are only giving 30 packs for the discounted price of N29,900 so you need to act fast before we go back to the original price of N65,000 within the next few days without losing the extra bonus packages worth over N160,000 that we are going out to these 30 people.


What are you waiting for?


Hurry now and place your order below...

Call Now or Whatsapp Us On:

09011642001 OR 09052538800
Looking forward to hear about the positive experience you will get by going through our Bundle of Joy package and expect the confirmation of your order from us before we ship out to you within the next 24 hours!


I wish you all the best,

Dr Gilbert Nnaji



Hurry Up And Get The Bundle of Joy 3-Combo pack at The Bonanza Price of....



N29,900 ONLY For ONE 3-Combo pack (option#1)

N55,000 ONLY! For TWO 3-Combo packs, Save N4,800! (option#2)

Hurry Up!

Fill The Order Form Below To Place Your Order RIGHT NOW!



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